Produktbeskrivelse fra Exped:

Protective cover that converts an Exped mat into a chair or comfort lounger. Lightweight, durable, and affordable.

It fits these Exped mats: DownMat 7 LW, DownMat 9 LW, DownMat XP 9 LW, DownMat UL 7 LW, DownMat UL 9 LW, DownMat Lite 5 LW, SynMat 7 LW,SynMat 9 LW, SynMat UL 7 LW, SynMat UL 9 LW, Synmat Lite 5 LW, Synmat Basic 7.5 LW, AirMat 7 LW, AirMat Lite 5 LW, AirMat Basic 7.5 LW, AirMat Lite Plus 5 LW, Air Mat Basic Plus 7.5 LW, AirMat Basic UL 7.5 LW, SIM Lite 3.8 LW, SIM Lite UL 3.8 LW, SIM Lite UL 5 LW, SIM Comfort 5 LW, SIM Comfort 7.5 LW, SIM Comfort 10 LW.

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