Revirs Eget


Revir's own enamel cup is handmade in Spain.The manufacturing process is almost completely manual, as it was 250 years ago.With large presses, steel plates are cut, pressed and shaped.The finished steel cups are melted into two layers of enamel of silicate minerals.The surface then becomes light, smooth, hard, inert, durable and non-porous.The cups can withstand direct fire, can stand straight on the hob, burner or in the fire.They are easy to clean and very robust.They are even EEC approved for cooking.

Revir has made a limited edition of the current design, in the future there will be new designs, including those in very limited editions.


  • Do not use it in the micro.
  • Do not warm it up without content.
  • Boiling water and baking soda remove most of the stains.
  • The enamel is extremely durable, but can be chipped off if it hits hard on hard surface.
  • If you get a notch on the outside, there are only traces of living life and add cup character, should you be able to peel off the enamel on the inside, the steel will rust, and then it is no longer suitable for cooking.
  • The cups may have different "beauty spots" after production.

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