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Destroyer knows no limits and makes none for its riders!

Destroyer are high-tech skis that meet all the requirements of modern freeride and freetouring. Destroyer features the elliptical rocker design to support smooth powder ride without the effect of “riding up” the snow or feeling the terrain unevenness while you effortlessly push away the top layer of snow. When riding on hard-packed snow, Destroyer uses nearly the entire length of the ski and delivers stability even at high speed. The shape and profile of the camber gives it perfect responsiveness, great power transmission to the ski and smooth edge-to-edge ride. The aerodynamic shape and predictable riding properties of the Destroyer make this directional freeride ski prove its worth not only during freetouring adventures on the wildest ski slopes but also during serious freeride competition events. The skin mounting bracket at the tail of the ski enables easier and more secure skin mount.

Disclaimer: The top sheet finish of Majesty wooden line of skis is constructed of 100% natural wood veneer. The same tree can never be found twice in nature and therefore the final look and character within the top sheet pattern of each pair of wooden skis is based purely on the natural beauty of the Mother Nature supplied raw material. The wood finish of the skis you receive is guaranteed to be distinctly unique and not identical to the image presented at our e-store.


semi hybrid & elliptical rocker

DESTROYER construction

designed for:


construction: semi hybrid & elliptical rocker 
shape: directional
flex: directional
flex ratio: 8 (1=soft : 10=stiff)
rocker type: 240 mm (tips) 
fiberglass: triax
core: tip-to-tail woodcore (poplar & ash)
base: fast base IS7200
extras: full carbon/kevlar construction, skin mounting bracket at tail

size cm
173 182 191
sidecut mm
tip: 142 144 146
waist: 113 115 117
tail: 123 125 127
radius m
23.4 26.3 29.6
weight g 1700 1850 2050

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