Gratis frakt på ordre over 1000,-

Gratis frakt på ordre over 1000,-


En mer surfy ride enn dette skal du lete lenge etter. Den store 3D nosen, den drøyeste 3BT™ Bataleon noen gang har har laget, kombinert med den dype swallowtailen garanterer en overlegen flyt uten bakfot burn. Tailen er likevel stiv nok til å carve dypt i preparerte løyper. Dette er ett av årets mest ekstraordinære brett, og det er laget i kun 150 eksemplarer. Alle er nummererte. 




"Standing out from the crowd this winter is the Bataleon Surfer. Given the suitability of their Triple Base Technology in the powder, Bataleon have never shied away from backcountry-friendly sticks – and this one steps things up further still."

Whitelines Snowboarding


"When real life gets you down, your best option is to get buried in pow, and this is the type of board you can do that with. The Surfer’s massive swallowtail and big, spooned-out nose with lifted contact points provide the perfect tool to transport you to a place where you can float through anything and away from reality."

Transworld Snowboarding


"So, let's get into the details of this beautiful board. With 3BT in the nose deeper than your favourite Papa John's, more fluid than your fish tank and curvier than your ex-girlfriend, the Bataleon Surfer's nose is tailor-made for blasting through a pile of the deep white stuff harder than Kate Moss on an average Wednesday 10 years ago. This third generation triple base technology is Bataleon's most pronounced shaped ever created and with the new sidekick technology for even more float, this board will have you suspended between states of being, somewhere deep within the spectrum of H20. "

Method Mag